Trump changes tone on immigration

Washington, Aug 23 :  Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, appearing to temper his hard-line approach to tackling immigration, said on Monday that he wants to come up with a plan that is “really fair” to address the millions of undocumented immigrants now in the US.

The changed comments from…

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Young massive star identified in the Milky Way

London, Aug 22 :  A team of astronomers has identified a young star, located almost 11,000 light years away, which could help us understand how the most massive stars in the universe are formed.

This young star — already more than 30 times the mass of our Sun “is still in…

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Bollywood, Ramdev to spice up India Day parade in New York

New York Aug 20 : Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, actress Priyanka Kothari and South Indian actor Chiyaan Vikram will add glamour to the India Day parade in New York on August 21.

Touted as the largest India Day parade in New York, the annual fixture, which is…

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Scientists turn to satellite images to map poverty

Washington, Aug 19 : Locating people living in poverty, such as through door-to-door surveys, sometimes is difficult. Therefore, scientists are now turning to satellite images.

In a study published on Thursday in the US journal Science, researchers from the Stanford University used machine learning — the science of designing computer…

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Green guide can help pubs across the world save thousands

New Delhi, August 18 : A GUIDE to greener pubs and restaurants from Manchester Metropolitan University could help the hospitality sector save hundreds of thousands of $, £ or ₹.
Manchester Met’s Centre for Enterprise and the Department of Food and Tourism Management teamed up with Stockport-based Robinsons Brewery to identify ways…

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