Indian troops must be captured or killed: Ex-Chinese diplomat

Beijing, July 21:  If Indian troops don’t withdraw from Doklam on the disputed border, they should be captured or killed, says a former Chinese diplomat who was once based in India.

Liu Youfa, who was the Chinese Consulate General in Mumbai, said the entry of Indian troops into Doklam…

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WHO calls for more tobacco control worldwide to save lives

Geneva, July 20 :  Though the population worldwide protected by tobacco control measures has grown almost five-fold than ten years ago, the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Wednesday called on countries to do more to prioritize these life-saving policies.
In a latest report on the global tobacco epidemic, the…

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Trump, Putin had undisclosed hour-long discussion at G20

Washington, July 20:  US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin spoke for a second time on July 7 in a previously undisclosed discussion during the G-20 summit in Germany, the White House has confirmed.
A senior White House official told CNN on Tuesday that the discussion…

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French military head quits over Macron budget cuts

Paris, July 19 (IANS) The head of the French armed forces, General Pierre de Villiers, tendered his resignation on Wednesday after a clash with President Emmanuel Macron over proposed cuts in military spending.

Gen. de Villiers said in a statement that he could no longer “guarantee the durability of the…

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London mayor warns against red carpet for Donald Trump

London, Jul 18 (PTI) Mayor of London Sadiq Khan today opposed the UK government’s plan to “roll out the red carpet” for Donald Trump, saying the US President should not be accorded the honour as his policies are at odds with many around the world.

“State visits are different…

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