TB vaccine may help people with Type-1 diabetes

New York, June 25 

 A vaccine primarily used for treating tuberculosis (TB) may be effective in reducing high blood sugar among people with Type – 1 diabetes, results from a clinical trial has revealed.

Type – 1 diabetes is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produce little or no insulin.


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Robotic surgery as effective as open surgery for bladder cancer: Study

New York, June 23 The outcome of robotic-assisted surgery and traditional open surgery are equally effective in treating bladder cancer, say researchers, led by one of an Indian-origin.

The results, published in the journal The Lancet, may help patients and doctors to make informed decisions on the use…

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Weight loss may reverse effects of heart rhythm disorder

Sydney, June 22  Losing weight may reverse or reduce the progression of irregular heart rhythm disorder among obese people, claim researchers, including one of Indian origin.

The findings showed that reducing weight by 10 per cent along with management of associated risk factors can reduce the effects of Atrial fibrillation…

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How your toothpaste can contribute to antibiotic resistance

Sydney, June 21 A common ingredient found in toothpaste and handwash may contribute to antibiotic resistance in body, warns a new study.

A compound named triclosan, used in more than 2,000 personal care products which we use almost daily, may be increasing the spread of antibiotic resistance, the study…

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Maternal exposure to lithium may up birth defects risk: Study

New York, June 20 Babies born to women who used lithium therapy to treat bipolar disorder during their first-trimester of the pregnancy could be at an elevated risk of developing major congenital malformations such as heart defects, finds a study.

The findings, published in The Lancet Psychiatry, showed that…

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