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Fortis Healthcare receives 'expression of interest' from IHH Healthcare Berhad

Mumbai, April 14 :  Fortis Healthcare on Friday said that it has received “an unsolicited non-binding expression of interest (EoI)” from IHH Healthcare Berhad.

According to a BSE filing, Fortis Healthcare’s Board of Directors received this EoI from IHH Healthcare Berhad for possible due diligence and participation with the…

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How office colleagues helped save brain stroke patient

New Delhi, April 13 At a time of growing distrust and general indifference to human suffering, doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital here on Thursday noted how prompt action of office colleague in one instance and of a spouse in another case helped give two brain stroke patients a new lease…

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Good cholesterol may up gastro, pneumonia risk

London, April 12 While bad cholesterol has been blamed for increasing risk of heart disease, variations in the good cholesterol levels may also lead to infectious diseases such as gastroenteritis or pneumonia, according to a study.

Individuals with very low high-density lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol had a 75 per cent…

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Microsoft AI helping us accurately predict cardiac diseases: Apollo

New Delhi, April 11 :  Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are helping Apollo Hospitals predict and suggest preventive steps for cardian diseases with utmost accuracy, a top hospital executive said here on Wednesday.

Microsoft last month partnered with Apollo Hospitals to expand its healthcare AI offering…

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Zinc oxide in canned foods may damage your digestive system

New York, April 11 The next time you opt for canned foods such as corn, tuna, asparagus or chicken, think twice. They may contain zinc oxide that can potentially damage your digestive system, warn researchers.

The findings showed that nanoparticles of zinc oxide present in the lining of certain canned…

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