Water access and sanitation shape birth outcomes and earning potential

Kolkata, Nov 12 Spending more time per day fetching water increased Indian women’s risk of delivering a low birth-weight baby, a study has said.

The study, by the University of Iowa College of Public Health and published online in October, highlights the relationship between adverse birth outcomes and…

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Breast milk, saliva can boost oral health in babies

Sydney, Nov 10  Besides being a source of nutrition, breast milk also plays an important role in shaping a healthy oral microbiome in babies, suggests a study.

The study, led by Queensland University of Technology (QUT), showed that the growth of some microbes was inhibited for up to 24 hours…

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Smoking, diabetes & hypertension spike heart attack risk in women

London, Nov 9 Although men are at greater risk of heart attack than women, unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, besides diabetes and hypertension increase the risk of heart attack in the fairer sex than in their male counterparts, a new study has found.

The study showed that an elevated risk…

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Weight management in pregnancy may affect child's bone health

London, Nov 8  There is no benefit for children’s bone mass if women gain weight during pregnancy, says a new study.

And this applies to both normal and overweight women prior to pregnancy, says Teresa Monjardino, lead author from the Universidade do Porto in Portugal.

Weight management strategies during…

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Skin cancer deaths higher in men than in women: Study

London, Nov 6  The global death rates for melanoma — most serious type of skin cancer — has seen a steep rise in men since 1985, with mortality rates among women rising more slowly or even declining, according to researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

It could be because men are less…

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