Heart attacks also common in young adults: Study

 New York Mar 10: A heart attack, known earlier as a disease of the old, is now strikingly common in people aged 40 and below, finds a study.

The study compared people aged 41-50 years and 40 or younger heart attack survivors and found that among patients who suffer…

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E-cigarette use linked to heart trouble

Washington  March 8  AFP:  People who use e-cigarettes are more likely to have heart problems than those who don’t, says a study released on Thursday in the US.

The rate of heart attacks among those who vape was 34 percent higher than among those who don’t, once…

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Gene 'partners' that promote spinal cord regeneration found

Washington Mar 7  PTI: Scientists have identified gene “partners” in salamander that, when activated, promote the regeneration of spinal cord even after severe damage.

The advance takes researchers a step closer to solving the mystery of why some vertebrates can regenerate their spinal cords while others, including humans, create scar…

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Air pollution claims seven million lives each year: UN expert

Geneva  Mar 5 PTI:  Air pollution, both outside and inside homes, is a silent and prolific killer responsible for the premature death of seven million people each year, including 600,000 children, according to a UN expert on environment and human rights.

David Boyd said that over six billion people…

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