Hookah More Toxic Than Other Forms of Smoking Tobacco: Study

Aug 16:  While the popularity of hookah (tobacco pipe) has increased in recent years, researchers say it may be more dangerous than other forms of smoking tobacco. Using a custom-built testing device, the researchers analysed emissions during a typical hookah session and found that one draw from a pipe…

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Regular exercise may cut Alzheimer's risk in older adults

 New York Aug 12: Regular exercise is not only good for memory as people age, but it also appears to help prevent the development of physical signs of Alzheimer’s, in those who are at risk for the disease, says a study.

“Our research shows that in a late-middle…

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Universal Healthcare in India – Digital Health, a stitch in time

New Delhi Aug 10:  Around 6 Crore Indians fall into financial distress every year as a result of medical costs in the family. In other words, it washes away the wealth that economic growth delivers in a significant way. India has so far been a patient-pays market where the…

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Whole body vibration reduces diabetic inflammation: Study

New York Aug 6: Whole body vibration (WBV) can significantly improve how well our body uses glucose as an energy source and adjust our microbiome and immune cells to reduce diabetic inflammation, says a new study.

The study’s findings, published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, showed how…

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Early menstruation linked to higher diabetes risk

New York  Aug 2:  Early onset of menstruation is associated with a higher risk of Type-2 diabetes, but body mass index (BMI) may mediate this link, says a study.

Each year of delay in menarche age correlated with a six per cent lower risk of Type-2 diabetes, said…

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