University welcomes Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games bid success

London Dec. 22:   The University of Birmingham welcomes its home city’s success in winning the right to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games – with staff and students looking forward to world-class athletes going for Gold on campus.

New squash courts and hockey pitches at the University will become competition…

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Kids use software to debunk Dickens’ Christmas catchphrase

London December 20 ,2017  :  Sharp-eyed school children have used the latest linguistics software, developed by the University of Birmingham to show that one of the core Christmas catchphrases is a bit of a myth.

They used the bespoke online system to prove that Scrooge did not use the phrase…

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IIT devises health monitoring venture for elderly

Kolkata, Dec 20 :  IIT Kharagpur has come up with a social entrepreneurial venture OASIS (Old Age Support Integrated Services) to bridge the gap between the elderly population and caregivers, a statement said on Wednesday.

OASIS is a comprehensive structure that juxtaposes an information system with health monitoring.

It aims to…

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Good marks can get students loan easily

New Delhi Dec 17: Can 90% in your college exam get you an iPhone? It could as a number of online student lenders are scrutinizing mark-sheets to assess credit worthiness, and hand out loans for consumer durables.

Students are a fairly large market as they want to be seen…

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