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US seeks more defence cooperation with India

New Delhi July 11 The United States was keen on more defence cooperation with India and it did not want to see the country merely as a customer, US Consul General in Kolkata Craig Hall said on Tuesday.

He said that in the last ten years defence purchases by India…

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Russian Planes Will Give Pakistan Edge Over India's Air Superiority

New Delhi July 10 Pakistan’s Air Force will have a decided edge over India’s if Moscow decides to give Pakistan Su-24 fighter bombers, according to defence experts here.

The Russian planes would give a greater attack capability to the Pakistan Air Force which already has a variety…

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Indian Police seize 1kg 'Uranium', arrest 5

Kolkata July 9  The Kolkata police claim to have arrested five men over the weekend with what they claimed was one kilogramme of uranium, according to Indian media.

The Times of India newspaper reported that the men had come to Kolkata in the state of West Bengal to try to…

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These are the 6 Fighter Jets in the race for an IAF contract. Again

New Delhi July 7 Tragedy and farce hang like spectres over the Indian Air Force’s efforts to procure fighter jets.

The first ended in tragedy, and a deadline of sorts for a second, or third, attempt ends Friday, with six foreign vendors’ responses to a 73-page Request for…

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