Britain’s Coventry University offers MBA Degree for Indian Chartered Accountants

Chennai, Dec 04, 2018: Britain’s Coventry University has finalized an arrangement with the Institue of Chartered Accounts of India to launch a range of progression routes for the members; to allow them to complete the MBA (Global Financial Services) Degree course from the University, announced ICAI Chief CA Naveen N D Gupta.

Indian Chartered Accountants with three years of post-qualification experience are eligible to enroll in the MBA (Global Financial Services) programme of the University at a cost of £4000 per student. However, the first 100 to enroll will be offered a scholarship of £1000 and this brings down the total cost of the programme substantially to £3000. They will be required to complete 60 credits-two 15-credit online courses in Global Marketing and Leadership and Change Management, and a 30-credit project—in this programme. The fee will be inclusive of enrolment/registration, tuition, online delivery, online examination/evaluation, and certification.

ICAI members will have the access to all services of the University locations and the complete range of alumni services would be extended upon the successful completion of the programme.

In the meantime, the University shall also offer technological solutions to meet the current requirement of Indian Vehicle Manufacturers to attain  Euro 6 Compliant vehicles to be on road by 1 April 2020 announced Professor Richard Dashwood, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research at the sidelines of the 3 days World Technology Universities Congress in Chennai. A high-level delegation led by  Prof. Richard Dashwood, Professor Guy Daly, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Joanne Dobson also met the leading Automobile manufacturers in India. “The response of the leading Automobile manufactures has been very encouraging so far. We are in the process of evaluating in order to offer tailor-made solutions to each of these manufactures”, added Prof. Richard Dashwood.

Professor Dashwood further mentioned, “Our endeavor is about creating safe and sustainable transport solutions fit for the cities of the future”. ‘We are on the lookout actively for developing its research partnerships with Indian Universities and Research Centres’, he further added. The delegation is in India to promote the identification and growth of partnerships in all areas of the University’s research, enterprise, and innovation interest; these include for business, engineering, computing, health, life sciences arts and humanities and projects.

‘We look forward to discovering how we can work deeply with India’s leading universities and other organizations, both to collaborate in cutting-edge research and also to bring benefits to students and academics in both our countries’, added Professor Daly. ‘Our research is increasingly focused on those areas the deliver global impact as we seek to ensure that Coventry distinguishes itself around its high-quality level of international engagement, not just for student recruitment but in all forms of cooperation in international education. We do recruit a large number of students from India and other countries, but we also have a strong international research agenda. We are committed to the internationalization of our programmes and curriculum.

Coventry University is investing significantly in all areas of research to enhance its international impact, and research cooperation with Indian researchers will help to ensure that we deliver global relevance through our programmes. The University enrolls over 34,500 students in the UK and they can choose between nearly 200 undergraduate degree and over 100 postgraduate degree programmes. There are also over 600 Indian students studying at Coventry at all levels, undergraduate, Master degree and for doctoral research. The University has an international reputation in areas such as automotive and aeronautical engineering, art, design and photography, computer science and informatics, health sciences, clinical psychology, hospitality, leisure, recreation and tourism, finance and business.

The University also boasts a Doctoral College offering an innovative approach to supporting Ph.D. education and research. A scholarship’s programme, available to Indian students, is also in place.

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Dipayan Mazumdar CEO, DMA PR