Aravind SA’s I was not ready da

Sun, 1 Jul 7:00PM
Club Boudoir Shakespeare Point, 3rd Floor, Near Bhajanlal’s, 40 Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017
– 4577 Mins (Approx)
Rs 499
They say that true comedy happens when it is unplanned. A lot of things happened to Aravind SA when he least expected it. From becoming a comic to getting on to Amazon Prime, to becoming viral overnight, every new milestone in his life was a WTF moment for him. And this revelation led him to create his brand new solo special famously titled- I Was Not Ready Da. Through his new special, SA takes us through a whole new rollercoaster ride of laughs as he talks about his strange points of references and stranger life experiences.His first solo show, “Madrasi Da”, premiered in the year 2014, and sold 1200 tickets in less than 8 hours, and his second solo show I Was Not Ready Da sold 2400 tickets in less than 30 minutes, a record in India for which Aravind SA was not ready da. Round 3 of his second solo, is hitting the comedy circuit again this June 2018, with a show planned every other weekend in cities around the country and around the world. So buckle up, put your game face on and be prepared to scream out loud – I was not ready da!
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