Ab Dil Ki Sun’ inspired by my life: Shama Sikander

Mumbai, Dec 16 : Actress Shama Sikander is excited for her home production’s maiden venture “Ab Dil Ki Sun” and says that all the seven short films in the project are inspired by her life and feelings.

“My home production’s first project is titled ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’. It includes seven short films which are based on different human aspects. It’s actually inspired by my life and my life’s real incidents which we have fictionalised.,” said Shama in an interview on Friday.

“I have kept all those feelings which changed me as a person and gave me the opportunity to introspect in the forefront to male this movie, ” she added.

Shama expressed that each story comes with a question at the end, which is relevant and is not superficial.

“Each movie questions people in the end because I don’t think I want to preach anyone that certain things are right or wrong as I also don’t know what is right and what is wrong,” the actress told reporters.

Shama also says that in January 2018, she will launch her first film titled “No” . It will be the first film under “Ab Dil Ki Sun”.

The actress forayed into web-series space with Vikram Bhatt helmed “Maaya” and Shailendra Singh directorial short film “Sexoholic”.