7,095 trees & shrubs to be translocated at BLR Airport

Bengaluru, June 5, 2019: Get ready for a calming and immersive garden experience at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (KIAB). To make this a reality, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) — operator of the BLR Airport — has put in place several measures to enhance the landscape as part of the long-term vision to achieve environmental sustainability.

With the BLR Airport already in the midst of massive Rs 13,000 crore infrastructure development, its landscape too is undergoing a remarkable transformation to amalgamate with the new Terminal – designed to be a Terminal in a Garden that will reflect Bengaluru’s much-cherished green identity. A total of 7,095 trees and shrubs that are in the path of the expansion will be safely translocated to other locations within the Airport premises in a phased manner, further enhancing the landscape all the way from the Trumpet to the Terminal.

A total of 1,285 trees and plants will be translocated in the first phase, while the rest will be carried out over the next two years. The task of translocating trees makes them fragile and requires long-term nurturing to survive the shock of translocation. To ensure high survival rates, BIAL has engaged the Institute of Wood Science & Technology and Volvo to provide scientific solutions.

“BIAL has always focused on its green efforts and landscaping over past 10 years – the gardens at the Airport are one of our most outstanding features. The objective is to avoid felling of trees and, instead, relocate them to a place where they can further improve aesthetics of the Airport. All this is to ensure that the landscape is in sync with our garden-themed Terminal 2. We will transplant trees wherever there is scope to do so,” said Mr. Tom Shimmin, Chief Projects Officer, BIAL.

“Some of the existing tress are unique species and not available in India. Our aim is to ensure that we don’t lose out on the existing ones. In keeping with Bengaluru’s image as the Garden City of India, BIAL has tried to reflect this image at the Airport by creating world-class landscapes,” Mr. Shimmin added.

Over the next 18 months, BIAL aims to expand its green space to the extent that will be allowed by the ongoing development. Further, the land surrounding the new Runway will be carpeted with lush greenery, making BLR Airport the first in India and only the third in the world to have green corridors around the Runway.

By following scientific methods and working with the Volvo Tree-Transplanter, trees will be uprooted from their original location and replanted in select areas – without damaging its roots. The process may take a day to a week or more depending on the species and the care required. The Volvo Tree-Transplanter is capable of translocating around 17 large trees each day.

Traditional methods will be followed for trees with a girth of above 45 inches and less than 6 inches. Using the conventional method, the process takes about three months as it requires adequate care and protection.


• T2 is an architectural wonder — a first-of-its kind ‘Terminal as a Garden’ — making BLR Airport a natural extension of Bengaluru’s much-heralded green aesthetics.

• Trees, small gardens, and ponds featuring local and exotic species of plants will line the interior.

• Designed to provide an innovative airport experience at various points — calming gardens in areas of high stress; exciting gardens along the way; restful gardens at waiting areas.

• Planted bells will hang from the ceiling at the entrance, check-in, and security.

• Large indoor gardens featuring rammed-earth walls and waterfalls will provide a gateway into the densely-landscaped retail space.

• The shopping area will connect to the gates through Terminal 2’s signature space—a vast, three-story “forest belt” designed to create an immersive, calming outdoor experience for departing and arriving passengers alike.

• From entrance to concourse, and from arrival gate to baggage claim, all main indoor spaces will display views of the forest belt.

• Ceiling will be finished in engineered bamboo.