Arya Dhayal croons for popular composer Afzal Yusuff

Chennai, December 7 dmanewsdesk:  Popular music composer Afzal Yusuff and vocalist Arya Dhayal, whose peppy Carnatic Western fusion numbers on social media drew praise even from Bollywood great Amitabh Bachchan, have come together to record a soulful melody.

Yusuff, who is visually impaired, was impressed with Dhayal’s work in her videos posted on YouTube during the lockdown and decided to rope her in for his composition ‘Nilaanadi.’

“She is a trained carnatic musician, has the ability to grasp the nuances quickly and can handle Western and Indian classical genres equally with finesse. It is this factor that distinguishes her from other singers,” Yusuff told P T I.

Dhayal initially was nervous because it was the first time a film music director was inviting her to record a number.

But he gave her the space to put her ‘own things’ and was able to make music that was very comfortable for her.

“…the process of making music is different for movie music composers and I was a bit nervous sitting in front of him…had only a little time to learn the song..was afraid to go and sit in front of him and sing the song…because I would definitely be making mistakes. But then he was very cool and handling it very nicely…,” she said.

Dhayal loves film songs and singing in movies but loves to do independent music more.

“Because I can put out my own ideas,my own creativity and the whole song is under my own control…so definitely I would prefer independent music but then in playback singing I would love to sing…good songs that has come in like Afzal sir’s Nilaanadi.”

She acknolwedges Amitabh Bachchan’s praise was ‘life- changing in just a day’.

“It is like magic…. that is why I am in such a position right now… that is why people are coming to me to sing their songs.”

One of her music videos had captured Bachchan’s attention while he was under treatment at a Mumbai hospital for coronavirus infection in July.

He tweeted that she had “brightened his day like never before.Mixing Karanatak& western pop..amazing! (sic).”

Kaviprasad Gopinath has penned Nilaanadi’s lyrics.

Source: PTI