Michael Keaton in talks to return as Batman for ‘Flash’ movie

Los Angeles Jun 23 dmanewsdesk: Hollywood veteran Michael Keaton is in negotiations to reprise the role of iconic superhero Batman for the upcoming film “The Flash”, starring Ezra Miller.

Keaton famously donned the cape and cowl in the Tim Burton-directed Batman movies and also went on to star in 2014’s black comedy drama “Birdman”, in which he played an actor who once starred in superhero movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller will star in the stand-alone as Barry Allen, aka the Flash, in the Warner Bros film that will be directed by “It” filmmaker Andy Muschietti.

If the deal is sealed, Keaton will possibly also seen as Batman in several other DC film projects, such as “Batgirl”. The story is said to involve not just time travel but inter-dimensional travel, the insider added.

Warners had no comment.

The Oscar nominated actor, who was primarily known as a comedic actor, was criticised as fans didn’t see him as a chiselled Dark Knight but “Batman” (1989) on to become a huge hit. He followed it up with a 1992 sequel “Batman Returns”.

Later, Gotham’s saviour saw a successful reincarnation in Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, with Ben Affleck also trying out the role in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, “Justice League” and a cameo in “Suicide Squad”.

Now Robert Pattinson is gearing up to be the Batman in the new take on the superhero in Matt Reeves film.

“Flash” is expected to start shooting in London early next year.

Source: PTI

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