Soha Ali Khan’s lockdown munchies

Mumbai Jun 4 dmanewsdesk: Actress Soha Ali Khan is ensuring she is stocked up on healthy snacks amid the lockdown, and says almonds are her go-to snack when she wants to binge on without feeling guilty.

Here are snacks which Soha always has in stock.

* Almonds: A handful of almonds is something that I just can’t start my day without. It is my go-to snack that I can binge on without having to feel guilty. It helps me stay active as it is a great source of energy and protein while it also contains healthy fats that are good for skin.

* Honey: As I avoid sugary snacks and am a fan of sweet delights, honey is something that is a must in my kitchen. I try substituting honey with sugar as it is a great antioxidant and helps improve cholesterol levels.

* Oats: Oats are a quick fix for a healthy breakfast as they take the shortest time to cook. Even on a busy morning, I make sure that I don’t skip my breakfast and a bowl of oats can make a wholesome yet quick meal.

* Kale: Being an amazing source of beta-carotene, kale is great for skin, hair and overall health. I always include it in my salads and also like to have kale chips as a snack to keep up with random cravings.

* Yoghurt: As I start my morning with a workout it is important that I have a breakfast that promotes faster workout recovery and is low on calories. This is the reason, you’ll always find yoghurt in my kitchen as it helps with both, and is also a great option for weight loss.

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