Billie Eilish and her father to host ‘Me & Dad Radio’ show on Apple Music

 Los Angeles May 8: Pop star Billie Eilish has teamed up with her father Patrick O’Connell for hosting Apple Music’s program “Me & Dad Radio”.

The show will feature conversations between Eilish and her father about music. The first episode will drop on Apple Music on Friday.

According to Variety, the 18-year-old singer discussed the new show during an interview with Zane Lowe.

“My dad and I have had this relationship over the years of sharing music with each other. My dad has shown me some of my favorite songs in the world and I’ve shown him songs that he loves and adores also,” Eilish said.

She said in one of the six episodes of the show, her mother Maggie Baird will be making a guest appearance.

“There’s going to be six episodes and my plan is, obviously it’s me and Dad’s show, but then we’re going to have one episode that has Mom come and give us some songs, and then I want to have another one where Finneas comes and gives us some songs. So it’s not like I replaced Finneas with my dad. I mean, it is like that, but it’s not,” Eilish added.

This is not the first show for Eilish on Apple Music. The Grammy winner earlier collaborated with the music streamer for 2018 show “Groupies Have Feelings Too”.

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