‘I am superwoman right now’

RISHINA KANDHARI, who plays Rani Vivek Srivastav in SET’s Ishaaron Ishaaaron Mein, tells SHALINI SAKSENA her favourite character and how a modeling career turned into acting

How did your acting career begin?

I believe I was destined to get into acting. My friend was auditioning for a commercial. I auditioned as well; this was when I was in college. An idea took root that this was something that I could do and enjoy. I did couple of ads that with served as good pocket money. I loved the freedom that came with having my own money. I had the liberty to spend it as I wished. I loved the whole experience of it. I wanted to explore the industry more professionally that’s how I got into it. Over the years, I have done several commercials, TV shows and films. All this I got due to sheer hard work, talent and merit.

How did you come on board for Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein?

The show will always be special for me as all the actors in the show are senior and experienced. I always wanted to work with them and when I was called for the look test, I was really hoping that I get in. I thank God for that I was selected at one go.

What made you say yes to Rani Vivek Srivastav?

Rani’s character is very discreet. It has layers to it. The role is not easy to play. While she is fearless, she is a little scared for her family. She is usually happy but gets upset at the slightest of things to people whom she loves. She is a brat yet she is the docile girl of the Srivastav family.

The show is about specially-abled — their dreams and aspirations. Do you think people find a connect with such a subject?

It is a very different kind of a subject that the makers have tried to bring on screen. There have been makers who have dealt with the subject for films but never on the small screen. For TV, it is one of a kind show. There are many out there who found a connect with the storyline since the series is about love, bonding and family. Also, there is great chemistry among the co-stars off-screen that comes to play on-screen.

You have done so many shows. Is there a favourite role?

Yes, I loved playing Arpita Khanna, the cop in Diya Aur Baati Hum. It was a role that I enjoyed doing.

I was paired against Sandhya in the series. Another role that is close to my heart was the character of Shanti in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai. In this show I played a Math teacher at Pragati Vidya Ka Mandir School; I was Naina’s mentor.

You have done two-three films only? Is Bollywood not on your cards?

I have not shunned Bollywood I am just looking forward to doing roles that are more in tune to what I want to do henceforth. I don’t want to take up a role just for the heck of it. I am hope that I get the right role so that I can say yes to it.

How are you coping with the lockdown?

I’ve given my mother complete rest. I am handling all household chores of two houses — mine as well as my mother’s. Many people know that my mom is my neighbour as well. I don’t want her to get stressed out doing all the work. One can say I am a superwoman — managing two homes.

There are lots of rumours doing rounds related to COVOD-19? Your advice to people?

First, and for most important stop believing WhatsApp forward messages. Half of them are fake. Only trust newspapers and the news they put out.  There are so many journalists who are out there working so that they can bring out the ground reality. We cannot let their efforts go waste.

 Shalini Saksena

Source: The Pioneer

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