Insights on the HR Conclave hosted by Alliance University

Bangalore Mar 9 ,The Office of Career Advancement & Networking (CAN) of Alliance University, Bengaluru organized the Alliance HR Conclave on September 27, 2019. Alliance HR Conclave was an initiative aimed at discussing contemporary HR topics that are relevant and provide meaningful insights on ‘people practices’ at enterprises, through expert sessions and panel discussions.A team of students at the university have put together a brilliant video to capture the moments of this amazing professional event.

The conclave saw speaker participation from top HR leaders across the country and industry verticals. There was also large participation from industry professionals as delegates. The entire congregation created a platform to discuss, deliberate and disseminate information about HR practices, trends and processes that are redefining businesses and enabling economic growth.

The Career Advancement and Networking (CAN) Office at Alliance University acts as an interface between industry practitioners and the student-body of Alliance University, facilitating both entities to make strategic hiring and career decisions. Apart from career facilitation services, CAN also arranges for trainings, industry interaction sessions, and company visits for various programs offered at Alliance University.


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